Ravelco Dealer Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in the Ravelco Anti Theft Device. The information you have viewed on this website provides you with some of what you will need to evaluate our program and product. Naturally, we also welcome any of your questions or comments.

Ravelco has been in business since 1976, and in that time we have developed a reputation that is second to none. With more than four million installations and not one vehicle ever stolen is the reason we know the Ravelco is the best anti theft device ever manufactured. No other alarm system, anti theft device or vehicle tracking system can make that claim. Not One! In the past 31 years, we have been tried and tested by the best police departments and insurance companies in the world. That is why they recommend the Ravelco Anti Theft Device, because time after time they have seen first hand how the Ravelco had deterred auto theft. Some of the nations largest and most successful auto dealers sell the Ravelco, are you the next one?

Boost Your Profits!

  • By selling and installing the Ravelco Anti Theft Device you boost profits and still maintain a high CSI (Customer Service Index) by giving the customer something they really need.
  • With the Ravelco, you will have no equipment failures, no tow-ins, no lock outs, no break downs…Just satisfied customers. Facts are Facts, the Ravelco will make you money!
  • The Ravelco retails from $469.95 to $499.95. The average installation time is about 2 hours. The Ravelco carries a life time guarantee. We will train you, or your employees the proper installation methods as well as how to sell the Ravelco.
  • Your entire investment with Ravelco will be for inventory only. There are no added or hidden costs when you become a Ravelco Dealer. Call today for a startup price quote and start making money tomorrow!

For more information or questions please call 1-734-422-0952


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